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Deed, Edward Toole Sr. to Edward Toole Jr.

Deed Book I page 24-5 Bertie Co., N.C. 1758

To all people to whom these presents shall come Greeting Etc. Know ye

that I EDWARD TOOL SENR of Bertie county in North Carolina in his
Majesties Province etc. Do give and grant to my Son Edward Tool Junr a
tract of land and Plantation Situate and Lying and being in Bertie County

Two hundred acres of land and plantation only reserving to myself a Right

and privilege of the land and Timber to be the same more or less and

bounded as followeth Beginning at a Hickory Needham Bryan's corner,
thence along his line to his other corner a white oak thence along
Turner's to a Branch Isaac Harrells line thence down the said Branch to
Isaac Harrells corner a live Oak thence along his line to the other
corner in
Caleb Spiveys line to Theophilus Williams line, thence along his line
to the
first station. To have and to hold the said given and granted premises
all the appurtenances privileges commodities to the same belonging or in
any wise appertaining to him the said Edward Tool Junr his heirs and
assigns forever to his and this only proper use benefit and behalf
And I the said EDWARD TOOL SENR for me my heirs Exors and admors
do Covenant promise and grant to and with the said Edward Tool Junr his

heirs and assigns the above granted premises and am lawfully seized and
possessed of the same in my own proper right as a good perfect and
absolute Estate of Inheritance in Fee simple and have in myself good
right full power and lawful authority to grant bargain sell convey
confirm the said granted premises and that the said Edward Toole Junr his

heirs shall and may from time to time and at all times forever hereafter
force and virtue of these presents lawfully peacefully and quietly have
use occupy possess and enjoy the said demised and granted premises with the

appurtenances free and clear and freely and clearly acquitted Exonerated
and discharged of and from all and all manner former or other gifts
grants bargains, sales leases, mortgages wills entails Joyntures Dowers
Judgments Execution Encumbrances and Extenets and Furthermore I the
said EDWARD TOOLE SENR for myself my heirs Exors and admrs do
covenant and engage the above Devised to him the said Edward Toole
Junr his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims or demands of any
person or persons whatsoever forever hereafter to Warrant secure and
defend In Witness whereof I set hand and fix my seal this 23d of January
Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of John Harrell,
James Abington Bertie County J January Court 1758. The above
deed of gift was acknowledged in open court in due form of law
and on motion was ordered to be registered
Test Benjm Wynns Cler Cur