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Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond County, GA

Toole, Alice Carey      E176
Buried 6-6-1927; Died 6-5-27; 73
yrs.old Buried by Elliott; Died of Uremia;
Lived at Central Avenue; Buried on Toole
Sec. North of 3rd St. West of de L'Aigle Ave.

Toole, Amanda (nee Crow) D26
Buried 7-4-1897; 43 yrs.old; American; Millhand; Married; Resident for 7
yrs.; Died of Cerebral Congestion;
Physician W.S.Wilkinson; Died 7-3-97; Lived at
#1 Grey St.; Sick for 3 days; Buried
Miss S.F.Cumbaa Sec.#D649-2nd Sec-South of
4th St 1st Walk West of Estes Ave.

Toole, Augustus A64
Buried 6-15-1833; Native of South Carolina;
Died of Scarlet Fever; 10 yrs.old.

Toole, Infant of B. F.  B139
Buried 7-28-1870; Native of Augusta;
Stillborn; Female; Lived at 1st Ward;
Was buried Northwest Part of Old Yard;
Moved to Cary Sec.-near 1st 1-14-1892.

Toole, Mrs. B. F. B409
Buried 1-19-1879; Native of Augusta;
Died of Womb Affection; 28 yrs.old;
Female, Physician-Hampton Was buried
on Toole Sec.-3rd Extension; Moved to
Casey Sec.Near 1st St., 1-14-1892.

Toole, B. F.      D64
Buried 9-29-1900; 28 yrs.old; Died
Of Liver Disease; Physician-J.M.Connelly,
Undertaker; Died 9-28-00; Lived at
Charleston,S.C.; Buried Southeast
Corner John Stockton Sec.#78-123-between
2nd & 3rd Sts.4th Sec.East of West Wall Ave.

Tool, David       B305
Buried 12-28-1874; Native & resident for
50 yrs.of Ga.; Died of Rupture; 50 yrs.
old; Male; Physician-Dugas; Lived at 2nd
Ward; Buried Line A, 5th Grave-Council
Grounds-3rd Extension (prob.South of 9th
St.West of East Wall Ave.); Occupation Farmer. 

 Tool,      Florida B143
Buried 8-8-1870; Native of Augusta;
Life resident; Died of Consumption; 31 yrs.old;
Female; Physician-Cleckley; Lived at 1st Ward;
Buried Northwest Part of Old Yard.

Tool, Jane  A62
Buried      2-27-1833; Native of South
Carolina; Died of Scarlet Fever;
1 yr.6      mos.old.

Tool, John Meyer B103
Buried 4-27-1869; Native of Augusta, Ga.;
Life resident; Died of Paralysis; 1 yr.old;
Male; Physician-Cleckley; Lived at 1st Ward;
Buried Northwest Part of Old Yard.

Tool, P. J. D2
Buried 7-21-1895; 70 yrs.old;
American; Carpenter; Married; Resident for 10
Yrs. Died of Inflammation of Bowels;
Physician J.M.Hull; Died 7-2-1-95; Lived at
Broad St. Sick for 9 days; Buried J.P.Smith
Single grave Sec.#133-3rd grave East of
Estes Ave.12th grave North of 11th St.

Toole, baby F60
Buried 12-30-1936; Died 12-29-36;
Still born; Buried by Elliotts Funeral
Home; Lived at Hicks St.; Buried on Mary
Sutton Sec. - between 10th & 11th St. West
Of de LAigle (Southeast Corner)

 Toole, Emily A121
Buried 10-18-1847; Native of Augusta, Ga.;
Died of Inflammation of Bowels; I yr.7 mos.old; Female.

Toole, Mrs. Frank P. (Eunice Bartley) F193
Buried 3-24-1958;
Died 3-20-58; 98 yrs.old Lived at 1111 Adrain St.
Buried by Elliotts Funeral Home
Buried on Moorman Sec. South of 11th St.
6 Lots East of D'Aigle Avenue

Toole, Isaac      A69
Buried 1-24-1835; Native of South
Carolina; Died of influenza; 32 yrs. old.

Toole, Jasper     D45 (Great Great Grandfather of Sanford Toole)
Buried 2-8-1899; 56 yrs.old (sic); Native
Of S.C.; Wood Dealer; Married; Resident
For 16 or 18 yrs.; Died of LaGrippe & Asthma;
Physician-M.B.Mabrey; Died 2-7-99; Lived
at 1317 St.Luke St.; Sick for 3 or 4 days
Buried Survivors (Confederate) Sec.-North West
Corner of 9th St.& Estes Ave.

Toole, Joseph A463
Buried 9-2-1864; Native of Augusta,Ga.;
Life resident; Died of Inflammation of Bowels: 5 months old;Male;
Lived at 1st Ward; Buried at 4th Blank Row, 27th Grave South;
Per St.Paul's Episcopal ChurchFuneral listing:
2 Sep.1864 Joseph Toole, aged I yr & 5 mos.

Toole, Corporal B. L.   A493 (Note Bithan L. Toole, son of Lodwick Toole)
Buried 2-10-1865; Member of Co.D,50th
N.C.Regiment; Age-not given; Male; Died
at 2nd-3rd Wards-Ga.Hospital; Buried on
Confederate Square #2-Row 2, Grave 31
South-formerly the grave of J.L.Johnson.

Toole, Charles J. C76
Buried 7-21-1886; 27 yrs.old; Native
of GA.; Male; Laborer; Married;
Resident for 15 yrs.; Died of Consumption;
Physician-Lamb; Died 7-20-86; Lived at
1429 Broad St.; 4th Ward; Sick for 2 yrs.
Buried Council Ground

Toole, Columbus   D7
Buried 12-17-1895; 45 yrs.old;
Native of SC.; Factory Hand; Married;
Resident for 6 yrs.; Died of Phthisis Pulmonalis;
Physician-C.A.Blanchard; Died 12-16-95;
Lived at 9 Pearl Ave.; Sick for 12 mos.;
Buried Miss S.F.Cumbaa Sec.#D649-1st Walk
South of 4th St.1st Walk West f Estes

Toole, Delilah L.       E184
Buried 2-5-1928; Died 2-4-28; 20 yrs.old
Buried by Elliott; Died of Septicemia;
Lived at 524 Broad St.; Buried on
Kent Sec.-North of 1st street

Toole, Infant boy of Edward F. D139
Buried 7-4-1907; Stillborn; Undertaker not given;
Physician-Geo.T.Horne; Died 7-4-07; Lived at 1928 Pearl Ave.;
Buried 12 ft. from North 13 feet from West side
M.M. Conner Sec.about 55ft.from North Wall
3rd Sec.East of 3rd Walk West of East Wall

Toole, Seaborn          A66
Buried 2-3-1834; Native of South Carolina;
Died of dysentery; 1 yr. 6 mos. Old.

Toole, Edward Falcum    E82
Buried 8-26-1919: Died 8-23-19; 46 mos.10 days old;
Native of Ga.; Conductor; Married; Buried by Elliott;
Died of stomach Cancer; Physician-J.F.Burdasha
Lived at 1928 Broad St.; Buried on Sec.-North of 1st St.


Thanks to Jerry at Magnolia Cemetery