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Confederate Soldiers with Surname Tool, Toole, Tooley


Tool, A.W. AL 20th Cav. Lee's Co.

Tool, Berry TN 62nd Mtd.Inf. Co.B

Tool, Edward SC 2nd Arty. Co.H

Tool, F.M. GA 13th Inf. Co.G

Tool, Garret LA 21 st (Patton's) Inf . Co. C

Tool, Irwin GA 19th Inf. Co.G

Tool Irwin GA 55th Inf. Co.E

Tool, J.A. AL Lt.Arty. Tarrant's Btty.

Tool, J.A. GA 55th Inf. Co.E

Tool, Jasper SC 14th Inf. Co.H

Tool, J.E. AL St.Res. Elliby's Co.

Tool, J.J. GA 55th Inf. Co.E

Tool, John FL 11 th Inf. Co.1

Tool, John E. FL 2nd Cav. Co.E

Tool, John R. TN 55th (McKoin's) Inf. Day's Co.

Tool, J.R. AL Lt.Arty. Tarrant's Btty,

Tool, Julius L. SC 1st (McCreary's) Inf. Co.A

Tool Luke CA 5 1st Inf. Co.D

Tool, M. LA 3rd Inf. Co.G

Tool, Michael 0. VA, 20th Inf. Co.A

Tool, Nathaniel SC 2nd Arty. Co.G

Tool, P, GA 55th Inf. Co.E

Tool, Thomas MS 13th Inf. Co.F

Tool, W.G. GA Cav. 20th Bn. Co.A,D

Tool, William R. AL 44th Inf. Co.A

Toolar, William FL Cav. 3rd Bn. Co ' A

Toolar, William 15th Conf.Cav. Co.A

Toolase, W. MO Cav. 2nd Regt.St.Guard Co.E

Toole A. GA Cav. 29th Bn. Co.G

Toole, Adrian V. GA Arty. (Chatham Arty.) Wheator's Co.

Toole, Adrian V. GA 1st (Olmstead's) Inf. Claghorn's Co.

Toole, Barckley W. TN 39th Mtd.Inf. Co.B Surg.

Toole, Benjamin F. GA 4th Inf. Co.K

Toole, Benjamin F. SC 2nd Any. Co.A Sgt.

Toole, B.F. SC 1st Cav. Co.C Cpl.

Toole, Bithan NC 50th Inf. Co.D Cpl.

Toole, B.J. SC 2nd Arty. Co.A

Toole, B.J. SC Inf. Holcombe Legion Co.D

Toole, B.W. Gen.& Staff Surg.

Toole, C. SC 1st (Hagood's) Inf. 2nd Co.B

Toole, Calvin FL 6th Inf. C_ D

Toole, Calvin J. FL 6th Inf. Co.G

Toole, Calvin J. FL Campbellton Boys

Toole, C.D. SC 2nd Arty. Co.E

Toole, C.J. GA 4th Res. Co.B

Toole, David SC 2nd Arty.

Toole, David E. AR 1st (Colquitt's) Inf, Co.1

Toole, D.E. TN 3rd (Forrest's) Cav.

Toole, Dixon L. MS 21 st Inf. Co,F

Toole, Edward SC Co.A

Toole, E.G. SC lst Cav. Co.C

Toole, Eli TX 3rd Inf. Co.1 Capt, A-: TV

Toole, George W. AL Lt.Arty. 2nd Bn. Co.F 7

Toole, George W. GA 1st Reg. Co.G

Toole, G.F. SC 2nd Arty. Co.B,H

Toole, H. SC 14th Inf. Co.H

Toole, Hezekiah J.J. FL 6th Inf. Co.D

Toole, Hezekiah J.J. FL Campbellton Boys

Toole, H.P. TX 5th Inf. Co.A

Toole, Irving L. FL Campbellton Boys

Toole, Isaac L. GA 1st (Olmstead's) Inf. Stiles' Co.

Toole, Isaac L. GA Inf. 18th Bn. Co.B

Toole, Isaac M. FL 6th Inf. Co.G Sgt.

Toole, James GA Cav. 29th Bn. Co.B

Toole, James GA Siege Arty. Campbell's Ind.Co.

Toole, James GA 63rd Inf. Co.F Asst.Cook

Toole, James TX 26th Cav. Co.A 2nd Lt.

Toole, James VA 49th Inf. Co.H

Toole, James C. LA 16th Inf. Co.D

Toole, James 1. MS 21st Inf. Co,F

Toole, James M. GA Cobb's Legion Co.1

Toole, Jasper L. SC 2nd St.Troops Co.K

Toole, J,E. TN 2nd (Ashby's) Cav. Co.K

Toole, J.M, FL Campbellton Boys

Toole, J.M. GA 48th Inf. Co.K

Toole, John LA Hvy.Arty. 8th Bn. Co.C

Toole, John LA l4th Inf. Co.D

Toole, John TX 3rd Inf. 1st Co.A Music.

Toole, John A. VA 9th Cav. Co.H Cpl.

Toole, John E. AL Cav. Barbiere's Bn. Goldsby's Co.

Toole, John E. , 39th Mtd.Inf. Co.B Capt.

Toole, John L. VA 10th Cav. Co.F

Toole, Jonathan Gen. & Staff contr.Physician

Toole, Joseph T. MS 21st Inf. Co.F

Toole, J.T. GA 1st (Symons') Res. Co-A

Toole, L. GA Siege Arty. Campbell's Ind.Co.

Toole, Lavareh H. GA 3rd Inf. Co.E Cpl.

Toole, L.B. SC 1st Cav. Co.K,C Sgt.

Toole, Luke GA Cav. 29th Bn. Co.B

Toole, M. SC Inf. I st (Charleston) Bn. Co.C

Toole, M. SC 27th Inf. Co.H

Toole, Martin AR 2nd Inf. Co.B

Toole, Martin GA 30th Inf. Co.D

Toole, Martin TN 10th Inf. Co.B

Toole, Michael LA Inf. 16th Bn. (Conf.Guards) Co.B

Toole, Michael VA 27th Inf. Co.B Cpl

Toole, M.S.' SC 2nd Arty. Co.E

Toole, Oliver GA Conscr.

Toole, Patrick TN 15th Inf. Co.B

Toole, R.F. MS Lt.Arty, 14th Bn. Co.C

Toole, R.F. MS Lt.Arty. Merrin's Btty.

Toole, R.J. Maning SC 14th Inf. Co.H

Toole, Robert F. MS 23rd Inf. Co.K

Toole, Samuel TN 3rd (Lillard's) Mtd.Inf. Co.E Lt.Col.

Toole, Stephen SC Inf. Holcombe Legion Co.D

Toole, W.A. MS Lt.Arty. l4th Bn. Co.C

Toole, W.A. MS Lt.Arty. Merrin's Btty.

Toole, Warren SC 2nd Arty. Co.H

Toole, W.G. GA 16th Inf. Cc.K 1st Lt.

Toole, William MS 1st (King.'s) Inf. (St.Troops) Co.H

Toole, William MO Robertson's Regt.St.Guard Co.3

Toole, William TN Conscr. (Cp. of Instr.)

Toole, William F. GA 20th Inf. Co.A

Toole, Wm. J. Gen. & Staff AASurg.

Toole, William T. GA 4th Inf. Co.K 2nd Lt.

Too lees tee 1st Cherokee Mtd.Rifles Co.D

Toolet, H. GA 1st Inf.

Tooley, Charles AL 46th Inf. Co.E

Tooley, Charles N. AL 3rd Inf. Co.G

Tooley, E.H. LA Lt.Arty. Holmes' Btty. QMSgt.

Tooley, E.H. LA Inf. 1st Sp.Bn. (Rightor's) Co.F

Tooley, E.H. LA 18th Inf. Co.B

Tooley, E.H. LA Inf.Crescent Regt. Co.E 1 st Sgt.

Tooley, E.H. Exch.Bn. 2nd Co.A,CSA 1st Sgt.

Tooley, G.H. AR 7th Inf. Co.E Cpl.

Tooley, H. LA l8th Inf. Co.K

Tooley, I.P. "IS 12th Inf. Co.H,C

Tooley, Isaac T. VA 15th Cav. Co.B

Tooley, J. AR 58th Mil. Co.C Sgt.

Tooley, James T. TN 8th Inf. Co.I

Tooley, J.F. LA Inf. Cons. Crescent Regt. Co.A

Tooley, John AL 46th Inf. Co.E

Tooley, John LA 13th Inf. Co.H

Tooley, John R. TN 44th (Cons.) Inf. Co.H

Tooley, J.S. 1st Choctaw Mtd.Rifles Co.K Lt.

Tooley, J.T. LA 25th Inf. Co.F

Tooley, J.W. TX 5th Inf. Co.I

Tooley, L. MO Searcy's Bn.S.S.

Tooley, Michael MS 29th lnf. Co.C

Tooley, R.H. GA Hvy.Arty. 22nd Bn. Co.A

Tooley, Thomas AR 35th Inf. Old Co.F

Tooley, Thomas KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.K

Tooley, Thomas KY 9th Mtd.Inf. Co.K

Tooley, Thomas LA 8th Inf. Co.G

Tooley, Thomas NC 17th Inf. (1st Org.) Co. E

Tooley, T.M. MO 11th Inf. Co.H

Tooley, W.H. MO 6th Cav. Co.K

Tooly, Andrew J, NC 17th Inf. (2nd Org.) Co.B

Tooly, John M. LA 11th Inf. Co.F

Tooly William B. NC 17th Inf. (2nd Org.) Co.B Cpl.