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Last Updated:  06/14/01

When I began my genealogical research, a veteran genealogist said the following, "Probably much of the research that you are looking for has already been accomplished by someone in your family line." "Your challenge is to find out who has it."  I have found this to be true.   With that in mind,  I have included this page so that you may register your family line and contact others researching the same or related lines.  Many months of redundant research can be saved in this way.  This will work only if we are all willing to collaborate.  While it may be a natural tendency to want to protect "our own" research,  the genealogy of most families is too broad, complex, and poorly documented for any one person to solve.  What most researchers desire is to be recognized for their efforts.  So if you use the research of others, please acknowledge such. 

To register your family line send your name, earliest known relative,  year born if known, place(s) where relatives lived, and your descendant line from the earliest known relative, to     Names are added to this list only upon request.

The following people are researching the Toole, Tool, Toal Family.  Be sure to check the Links and Resources Page for Family information.  Keep in mind that these researchers may have numerous request for information at any one time.  Please be specific with your request, giving your known relatives and the type of information that you need.  Requests such as "give me anything you have on this family" are difficult to fulfill.  If you request printed or mailed material, remember that costs of copying and mailing ,while small for an individual request, do add up over the years.

Anderson Tool Line

Earliest Known Relative:  Anderson Tool   

Year Born: Abt 1809

Place:  Barnwell County, SC,   Miller County GA

Descendant Line:  Anderson Tool, Jasper Tool, Samuel Toole, Willie Albert Toole, Samuel Toole, Sanford Toole

Researcher:  Sanford Toole

Contact Information:  E-mail

Irwin Toole Line        

Earliest Known Relative:  Irwin Toole

Year Born: Abt 1804

Place: Barnwell County, SC; Miller County, GA; ? FL

Descendant Line: Irwin Toole, Calvin Toole, Calvin Toole, Daniel Toole, Carrie Francis Toole, William Keith Williamson

Researcher: William Keith Williamson

Contact Information: E-mail

Cullen Toole Line

Earliest Known Relative:  Cullen Toole

Year Born: Abt 1835

Place: Barnwell County, SC;  On 1850 SC census in household with Hansford Heath

Descendant Line: Cullen, William Henry, William Cullen, John Paul, Pickens Toole

Researcher:  Pickens Toole

Contact Information:  Pickens Toole, 2577 Gibbs Bridge Road, Uvalda, GA 30473;  tel. 912-594-6424

Isaac Toole Line through Talitha Toole

Ealrliest Known Relative:  Isaac Toole

Year Born: Abt 1740

Place: Barnwell County, SC;  On 1790 Barnwell County, SC census

Descendant Line:  Isaac Toole, Talitha Toole, Samuel Darley Eubanks III,  Samuel Darley       Eubanks IV, Kate Irene Eubanks, Jennie Ruth Morgan, Mercer Lancaster Sherman

Researcher:  Mercer Lancaster Sherman

Contact Information:  E-mail ; P.O. Box 5651 Valdosta, GA 31603

William F. Toole Line

Earliest Known Relative:  William F. Toole

Year Born:  27 September 1823 in IN or KY;  Died 9 December 1868 in Spencer Co. IN

Place:  IN or KY

Descendant Line:  William F. Toole, Albert Ivale Toole, ..... Pam Vandenhoff

Researcher:  Pam Vandenhoff

Notes:  Children of William F. Toole were Albert Ivale Toole m. Cordelia McCoy;   Rev. John Wesley Toole m. Harriet Chase;  William; Silas; James; Sarah; Francis; Christine

Contact Information: E-mail ; 412 Carrsbrook Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Ambrose Toole Line

Earliest Known Relative:  Ambrose Toole

Year Born:  abt 1778 est. VA., died abt 1816 in Jones County, Georgia

Place:  VA, GA, FL

Descendant Line:  Ambrose Toole, James Jefferson Toole, Henry William Toole, William Henry Toole, Willliam Bloxham Toole, William Julius Toole, Edythe Toole Seufert

Researcher:  Edythe Toole Seufert

Notes:  James Jefferson Toole b. abt 1796 in Wilkinson Co. GA d. abt 1846 in Jones Co. GA; Henry William Toole b. 5-8-1817 in Jones Co. GA d. 11-21-1893 in Lafayette Co. FL; William Henry Toole b. 1-8-1854 GA d. 5-6-1941 in Madison Co. FL; William Bloxham Toole b. 12-31-1884 in Madison Co. FL d. 12-12-1958; William Julius Toole b. 9-26-1908 in Carrabelle, FL d. 10-29-1993 in Orlando FL

Contact Information:  E-mail

Bernard, Henry, and Felix Toal Lines

Earliest Known Relative: Bernard Toal

Year Born: March 18, 1867

Place:  Born in Toome Co. Antrim,  N.I.;  Believed to have immigrated to New York City after 1875.

Descendant Line:  Bernard Toal, Henry Toal, and Felix Toal were brothers

Notes:  Felix Toal born October 15, 1879 in Toome Co. N.I., immigrated to New York in early 1900's to join his brother Bernard.  Henry Toal born April 26, 1868 in Toome Co. Antrim N.I.  He moved to Motherwell in Scotland and then immigrated to USA with his family.

Researcher:  Bairbre

Contact Information:

Bernard and Patrick Toole/ Towle Line

Earliest Known Relative:  Bernard Toole/Towle

Place:  Immigrated from Dublin Ireland to PEI, Canada around 1843; His son Patrick came to Maine around 1895.

Researcher: mtcmoran

Contact Information:


Charles Toal Line

Earliest Known Relative:  Charles Toal

Year Born:  1822 in South Carolina;  died Nov 16, 1863 in Winston Co. MS

Place:  SC, MS

Descendant Line:  Charles Toal, Henry R. Toal, .... Linda

Notes:  Shown on 1860 Noxubee Co. MS census with family:   Charles Toal 38, Mary A. Toal 33, M. R. Toal female 13, C.J. Toal male 8, Henry R. Toal 6, M.A. Toal female 4, H.A. Toal male 2, Joseph Allmarine Toal infant.  Charles Toal married Mary Ann Lovorn Feb 22, 1846 in Winston Co. MS.  She was daughter of Thomas Lovorn and Nancy Brown.  Charles Toal served in Co. A., 19th MS infantry.

Researcher:  Linda

Contact:  E-mail

Edward Tool Line Through Isaac Tool

Earliest Known Relative:  Edward Tool, Sr.

Year Born:  Abt. 1715  unknown place possibly Virginia; Died Feb. 15, 1772, Bertie Co., N.C.

Place:  Bertie County, N.C.

Descendant Line:  Edward Tool, Sr., Isaac Tool, David B. Tool, Gasper L. Toole I, Gasper L. Toole II, Frampton Wyman Toole, Sara Toole

Notes:  Named in the Will and/or estate settlement for Edward Tool, Sr. are:  Edward Tool, Jr., Isaac Tool, David Tool, Geraldus Tool, Jonathan Tool, and a Daughter who married Joseph Turner.

Researcher:  Sara Toole Beeland

Contact:  E-mail

    Archibald Toole Line

Earliest Known Relative:  Archibald Toole, married Barbara Fudge Nov 1791

Years:  Late 1700's

Place:  Augusta County, Virginia and later Washington County Virginia

Descendant Line:  Archibald Toole; Adam Miller Toole born 1794 in Va. moved to Ill. then Iowa in Jasper County; James Alexander Tool born in Va. died in Iowa; James Quinten Hammond Tool born Jasper county Iowa died Iowa; Alvin Silas Tool born Monroe Iowa died 1938 in Newton Iowa; James Carroll Tool born 1905 in Iowa died 1994; Doris M. Tool

Researcher: Doris Tool Webber


Edward Toole Line Through Stephen Toole

Earliest Known Relative:  Edward Toole Sr., d. 1772 Bertie County N.C.

Place:  Bertie County, N.C.;  Barnwell County, S.C.; Richmond and Green County, GA; TX

Descendant Line:  Edward Toole, Sr.; Isaac Toole; Stephen Toole; Richard I. Manning Toole; Pierce Columbus Toole; James Obed Toole; Pierce Columbus Toole; Vivian Toole Cates

Researcher:  Vivian Toole Cates

Contact:  Rt. #2 Box 52-A, Alto Texas 75925,  tel 936-858-3801, email Website: