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Welcome to the Toole Family Genealogy Resources Page, North American Edition.  This site contains information and resources on the Tool, Toole, Tooley, Towl and Toal families in the United States and Canada.  This site began in January 1999 as the Southern Edition, with information  primarily on North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.  In March 1999, the site was expanded to cover all of North America.  I rely upon the generosity of other researchers of the Family to expand the offerings of this site.  If you have information that you would like to share please contact me.

This site was developed by and is maintained by Sanford Toole.  I am a descendant of Anderson Tool, who I first found listed in the 1850 Barnwell County, SC census with his wife, Mary, and family.  If you have any information related to Anderson, his ancestors, or his descendants, please contact me.

This site is for the use of all persons researching the Tool, Toole,  Tooley, Towl and Toal families, and any other variations on spelling of the surname.   I am researching my family genealogy for personal interest only and have no commercial interest in genealogy.  While I cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of all material on the site, I can give you source citations, upon request, of material that I have personally researched.    Feel free to download this information for your personal use.  I will expand this site to include as many branches of the Toole family for which I can obtain information.

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1.  Toole Family DNA Project begun July 4, 2000.  See DNA Project Page.

2.  Family Tree for Anderson Toole, Edward Toole, Sr., and Laurence Toole updated July 12, 2000.

3. Old Spring Methodist Church Cemetery List Updated, May 18, 2000.


 I welcome you to contact me by email at with suggestions, additional resources,  or to Register your Toole Family Line for inclusion on our Other Researchers Page.  If you have a Toole family Website, I will be glad to include it on my links list. 

Acknowledgements:  Thanks to  M. Toole,   S.  Drennan,  S.  Beeland,   K.  Williamson,  B.  Smith,  D.  Reeves,  H.   Toole,  E.  Bright, W.  Waters,  A.  Maynard,  D.   Blankenstein,  B.  Toole,  M. Sherman,  P. Vandenhoff,  M. Sharp, V. Cates, and others who have generously given of their time and knowledge to make this site possible.


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