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Wills, Deeds, and Estate Papers 

Last Update:  02/18/01    

These Wills were transcribed from copies of the Wills or Estate Papers in the respective Archives.  Every effort was made to maintain the original spellings and wordings.  As convention, the spelling of our surname will be "Toole" when listed on a menu on this Web site.  However, the original spelling will be used on all documents.

Wills and Estates

  1. Edward Toole Will, Bertie County, NC, 1772
  2. Edward Toole Estate Settlement, Bertie County, NC, 1772
  3. Edward Toole Will, Sampson County, NC, 1785                                
  4. David Toole Will, Dallas County, AL, 1822
  5. Jonathan Toole Will, Bertie County, NC, 1781
  6. Laurence Toole Will, Edgecomb County, NC, 1761
  7. Henry I. Toole Will, New Hanover County, NC, 1851


  1. Deed E37, Grantee Edward Tool, Grantor Owen MackDaniel, 1736

  2. Deed E266,  Grantee Edward Tool, Grantor Owen MacDaniel, 1737

  3. Deed G512, Grantee Edward Tool, Grantor Michael Sanders Tool, 1753

  4. Deed I24, Grantee Edward Tool, Jr., Grantor Edward Tool, Sr., 1758

  5. Deed, Grantee Thomas Cone, Grantor David Tool, 1797 (David Tool selling estate of his father, Edward Tool)